Reason Why WWE Changed Matt Riddle’s Ring Name

WWE Superstar Matt Riddle is the latest victim of Vince McMahon’s infamous name change. The website is showing the former NXT Superstar’s profile name as just “Riddle”, hence confirming that WWE has gotten rid of his first name.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reports the decision was made earlier on Thursday.

Interestingly enough, Fightful Select said that the higher-ups in WWE enjoyed Riddle vs Sheamus on Raw this week, and the decision to nix the former’s first name was a Vince McMahon idea.

“It seems as if the match particularly had a big impression on McMahon, as he made the call to change Matt Riddle’s in-ring name to “Riddle,” and pitched a more serious character presentation. We’re told Riddle was supportive of the idea.”

As said above, Riddle was totally cool with the idea of changing his in-ring name and posted a supportive Tweet.

“People it’s okay I’ve been called Riddle most my life, I actually prefer it and it’s my real last name 🤙 #bro #stallion #RIDDLE”

According to a new report by David Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, WWE doesn’t want people to find articles about Riddle’s alleged sexual assault and subsequent lawsuits when they google the name “Matt Riddle”.

Searching for “Riddle” will get you a more variety of results, thereby avoiding the current negativity surrounding the name.

“The company made the decision to drop Matt Riddle’s first name, and now he’s just “Riddle.” The story was that they wanted to not have people google “Matt Riddle” and come up with the details of the lawsuit against him and WWE. The decision was made on 10/29 and Riddle said he was fine with it and even preferred it saying Riddle is his name and he’s been called it for most of his life”