Reason Why WWE Passed Up on Signing Roman Reigns in 2006

Roman Reigns is the biggest superstar in all of WWE. Since John Cena focuses on his full-time Hollywood career, Reigns is the face of WWE.

Jim Ross, on the latest edition of Grilling Jr, revealed that WWE had the opportunity to sign Reigns in 2006 but they passed up the chance.

The AEW commentator said that back then, Reigns was a star player for Georgia Tech and hadn’t retired from football, and the reason why he didn’t make it to WWE in 2006 was that the company believed he had to get football out of his system.

“He changed his body immensely, he was a 300-pound nose tackle for Georgia Tech there in the ACC, and before [John] Laurinaitis took over talent reactions, he was certainly on my radar. And we were all aware [of him], Michael Hayes, different guys, because Hayes was close with the Samoans.”

“He has football to get out of his system and I encouraged that, quite frankly. You don’t want somebody to come in and not be sure that they’re at the right place for them. So if he got a chance at football, and he didn’t make it for whatever reason, then he gets it out of his system and then here we go.”

The Big Dog is the current Universal Champion in WWE and it’s safe to say that he has already established a legacy of his own.