Reckoning Confirms She Was Possessed During Raw Match

Retribution took on The Hurt Business in an eight-man Elimination Tag Team match last night on Raw, which left Reckoning at ringside throughout.

It was the only female member of the team who later helped her group to score their first elimination when she burst into the ring and distracted MVP.

Reckoning was screaming and rolling around the ring in what was a surreal moment, so much so that the referee was shouting “Mia” throughout, which is no longer her ring name.

The show went to an ad break as viewers looked both concerned and confused before Reckoning stood up and walked away a few moments later showing it was all an act.

The former NXT star was recently called out by fans on Twitter for feigning a fit on live TV which led to her explaining that she was possessed.

Could this be a hint that Alexa Bliss isn’t the only female wrestler currently under the control of The Fiend?

Retribution went on to lose the match via disqualification when Mustafa Ali decided to use a chair on Cedric Alexander.

Reckoning still remains a strange addition to the group but hopefully, this “possession” is the start of an interesting storyline for her.