Referee Earl Hebner Helped WWE Superstar Xavier Woods Come Up With His Name

WWE Superstar Xavier Woods recently gave an interview with The Post and Carrier where he discussed the origins of his WWE name and his current thoughts on the future of the New Day.

Before he came to the WWE, Xavier Woods was known both as Austin Creed and Consequences Creed, homages to the character of Apollo Creed in the Rocky series.  He spent some time in TNA as Consequences Creed, in a tag team with R-Truth known as Truth and Consequences, before signing with the WWE in July of 2010.

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It was his stint in TNA that helped him come up with his current name, specifically, his interactions with referee Earl Hebner.

“Earl Hebner used to call me ‘Tiger’, so I went with the last name Woods because I thought it was funny,” said Woods.

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As for the other half of his name, Woods turned to his comic book fandom.

“I’m a huge fan of X-Men and just intelligence in general and the leader in charge is named Prof. Charles Xavier. I took Xavier from him and put together the two names,” said Woods.

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Woods also talked about the origins of the New Day, stating that it was a collaborative effort between three talented stars who were trying to have fun and hold on to their jobs.

“It (the concept) was mine from a standpoint of wanting to come together, and then it’s been stuff from everybody as we’ve gone along.That’s nice because we have very similar, but very different, trains of thought. Where I lack, E picks up. Where E lacks, Kofi picks up. It’s become a very well-rounded group. We just know each other so well,” said Woods.

One reason for their popularity with the fans is their ability to be genuinely funny, which Woods chalks up to the fact that all three members are actually very good at improvising and having fun.

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“We talk about stuff that’s funny to us. We feel like if it’s funny to us, hopefully it’s funny to other people. If not, at least it’s funny to us,” says Woods.

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It’s the fun dynamic of the New Day that Woods believes gives them staying power and the reason he hopes that they stay together forever.

“New Day’s staying together forever. In the easiest terms, it’s the most fun option for us,” states Woods.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Woods really can play the trombone. He began learning how to play in the sixth grade and was actually a concert-level trombonist.