Is It Going To Be Reigns vs Rollins After WrestleMania?

There was a recent article from Dave Meltzer that made a whole lot of sense. It is pretty clear that since Jason Jordan’s injury, WWE has made Seth Rollins look like a million bucks and really get behind him more than they have the past few months.

Meltzer states that if Roman Reigns turns heel at WrestleMania that a program with Seth Rollins is most likely. This sounds like a very interesting idea as this will surely work a lot better with Reigns as a heel and Rollins as a face. Reigns has been in major need for a heel turn for a couple of years now. Despite a string of solid in ring performances, fans still are not getting behind him.

Seth Rollins could be just what he needs! Not to mention it would be one hell of a fun program. Meltzer also says that the line up of matches Roman Reigns can have as a heel rather than a face is much more interesting.

Of course, what does this mean for Seth Rollins heading into WrestleMania? He will need something to tide him over if he is going to be the one to try and take down the Big Dog after WrestleMania. Of course this is the WWE and there is always the chance that rather than rocking the boat they just keep Roman Reigns face and turn Seth Rollins heel again, which hopefully will not be the case.