Renee Paquette Says WWE Forced Her to Drop Canadian Accent

Renee Paquette recently revealed that WWE forced her to hide her Canadian accent while working for the company. 

On the latest episode of Oral Sessions, Renee said this: 

“So I would just like to go on the record and say that I do not have a Canadian accent. I worked very hard to develop this non-regional dialect. When I first signed to WWE, they made me take classes to get rid of my Canadian accent, which I’m honestly, I’m sure it was more than it is now but it was like very faint, if any and I had to go into Manhattan once a week and sit with this woman and she would give me words. I’d have to read during the week to make sure I didn’t like mispronounce vowels or some sh*t.”

She parted ways with WWE a few months ago and the wrestling community has been very supportive of her decision.

Currently, the former WWE announcer is pregnant with Jon Moxley’s child and has been working on several passion projects such as a Cookbook, and a podcast, since leaving Vince McMahon’s company.