Renee Young Hypes Major Announcement, Talks Commentary Role

In 2018, Renee Young became the first woman to join the Monday Night RAW commentary team in a full-time role. While her debut at the announcers’ desk coincided with her real-life husband Dean Ambrose’s (Jon Moxley) return, neither of them could last in their roles for long – Ambrose quit WWE the following year and Young was taken off of commentary in The Fall.

Despite her limited time at the commentary desk, Young had done an incredible job. She was brought in as a sudden replacement for Jonathan Coachman and wasn’t given any time to learn the craft at the WWE Performance Center. Despite all of that, Young didn’t fail to please the WWE Universe on the microphone.

On After The Bell podcast, Young revealed that although she had oftentimes made edgy remarks on the mic, Vince McMahon never yelled at her.

“Honestly, I can’t believe that I never said something that got me in insane amounts of trouble. I called you a [swear word], and I called Corbin a [swear word], but no one said anything.”

In order to make sure she didn’t succumb to the wrestling vernacular, Young admitted to doing stuff for the purpose of avoiding those WWE keywords in her daily life.

“Yes, I want to say for years I’m not doing it. I’m not getting into the vernacular. That’s one of the reasons I started doing my old podcast, ‘Regular Girls.’ I need to do something with somebody from outside of wrestling so that I don’t get into these speech patterns.”

This past week, Young revealed to have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Over the weekend, Young tweeted that she has a “big fat announcement” set for Wednesday.

In response to her tweet, a fan jotted down the three major possibilities but “sadly”, neither of them is correct according to Renee.

We’ll have to see what Renee has in store for us this Wednesday!