Renee Young is Reportedly Doing Well Following Positive COVID-19 Test

Renee Young announced on Twitter that she has tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The entire pro wrestling industry now stands in Young’s corner and prays for her speedy recovery.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer provided an update on Renee’s health. The famous on-air personality didn’t test positive for a WWE test; instead, she got tested on her own this past Monday and the results arrived the following day.

“Renee Young did not test positive to a WWE test. The slew of the tests would have been from the last taping that they did. Those tests came back I believe over the weekend, and nothing was said over the weekend, nothing was said. They got taping on Friday”.

“Renee Young’s test was done, I believe at her house, but it was done in Las Vegas on Monday. So Renee Young was tested on Monday on her own, this was not a WWE test, and she got her result on Tuesday night on midnight. So, that’s the story there.”

At present, Young is doing much better than she was yesterday. The on-screen presenter was extremely sick prior to her test on Monday.

“She was pretty sick; that’s why she got tested. I mean she is doing reasonably well now. She is doing a lot better than she was doing or better than she was doing yesterday. Hopefully, I was told that they are pretty confident that the worst was over, but it was, you know, she was sick.”

Young’s positive test comes at a time when multiple WWE employees have tested positive for the deadly virus. As reported by PWInsider, as many as two dozen employees have tested positive for COVID-19.

Renee’s husband Jon Moxley was pulled from last night’s Dynamite because Moxley had admitted to officials that he had been exposed to someone who also had the virus.