Renee Young Opens Up About Dean Ambrose’s Struggle To Make It Back To WWE

Renee Young Dean Ambrose
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Renee Young and Dean Ambrose finally revealed to the WWE Universe last year that they had decided to marry in secret in their own back garden in Las Vegas. Ambrose and Young have been dating ever since 2013 and decided to make the leap into marriage in secret due to the backlash that the duo received in the time they were together.

Young has recently been promoted to full-time commentator on Monday Night Raw and was able to call her husband’s return to the company back in August. Young recently appeared on the Jim Ross’ Ross Report Podcast where she opened up about Ambrose’s struggle back to WWE after he caught a staph infection and almost died.

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“He was on antibiotics for months! It was really scary, just knowing the severity.” She said via WrestlingInc, “it was really tough to see somebody that you love go through something like that, especially somebody like Dean who is this indestructible force and to see him down and out with something like that, it was… yeah, it was tough to go through.”

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Young was also able to discuss Ambrose’s recent haircut and revealed that she was the one who shaved it off.

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“[Ambrose’s hair] needed to be addressed. That’s a good way to put it, JR.” Young added, “yeah, I mean, just looking at the work he put in to get back and be healthy, and I’m with him almost every day, so I could see the changes in his body. I could see all these things happening.”

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“I actually shaved his head right after he had his surgery. He always wanted to just see what he would look like with his head shaved, so I was like, ‘well, you’re not going to be on TV for a little while, so let’s do it!’ We went into the backyard and I shaved all of his hair off! As I have the razor ready for him, he was like, ‘uh, I don’t know if I should do this!’ And I was like, ‘I’m already like a stroke into it. It’s too late. The hair’s coming off.’”