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Renee Young has made history as the first woman to be a full-time commentator on Monday Night Raw. As she prepares for her first time as a full time commentator on a WWE pay-per-view, she offered some insight into her new role in the company.

Speaking to Newsweek, Young admits that the fact that she’s now a regular part of the Monday Night team is still “sinking in”.

“It goes in waves. I’ll read a cool article or reflect mentally on how the week has gone and get that moment of “oh my god, this actually happened.” It feels like such a dream, this opportunity. I’ve been waiting so long to do it and now it has finally happened,” said Young.

“I’m just trying to mentally prepare for Hell in a Cell this Sunday. Thinking about how different it is to call a pay-per-view to doing Monday Night RAW. It’s so brand new to me, so my brain is in overload right now,” she added.

According to Young, veteran commentator Michael Cole has advised her to go back and watch tape of previous Hell in a Cells to see how commentary is different for pay-per-views.

Young’s stint on commentary has been met with approval from the WWE Universe, her WWE collegues, and even the WWE powers-that-be. She started with the company in 2013 as a backstage interviewer and began commentating on NXT that same year.

Young recently shared some footage of what was her original audition tape for the WWE. Check it out here: