Renee Young Reveals if She’s Spoken to AEW Since Leaving WWE, Confirms Her Lengthy Non-Compete Clause

Renne Young left WWE following SummerSlam last weekend after it was revealed that the first-ever female commentator had handed in her notice and had decided that she wanted to explore job opportunities outside of WWE.

Young was with WWE for eight years and met her husband while working for the company, and with her new cookbook set to be released, Young decided it was time for a change.

Many WWE fans believed that this change would lead her directly to AEW since this is where her husband Jon Moxley is currently AEW World Champion.

That being said, the star herself recently spoke as part of the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast and confirmed that she hadn’t spoken to AEW recently and that she has a lengthy non-compete clause to sit out before she can head to any other company.

“There has been no talks [with AEW]. Literally, the second anybody leaves WWE it’s ‘they’re going to AEW.’ Obviously, I knew it was going to come up. What I found interesting is, as much as I assumed that’s what everyone was going to say, more people were like, ‘She’s going to work for FOX or ESPN.’ A lot of people saw me leaving the wrestling world, which I was surprised by…”

“I do have a non-compete that is for quite a while. If anyone is waiting for me to show up in 90 days, they’re going to be waiting a little longer than that. I think everything that they’re doing there is great. I think that there could be a ton of spots that I could step in and work and do some stuff there.”

Jon Moxley recently appeared on The Busted Open Podcast where he revealed that he believes Young will be part of the wrestling business once again in the future following her WWE departure.

“I assume that… I rather let her tell you her story. I expect her to part in her own ways because she has a strong wrestling-related fanbase and she has such a strong connection to wrestling.”

“I expect her to probably have some kind of split dinted in the water [with] wrestling if that makes sense. She has so many other things that she’s good at and into, as far as NHL, cooking, and all of that stuff. So, I actually expect her to probably end up–to be honest with you, she’s got her Asian gong.”

“Her phone was nonstop ringing. She’s already got people willing to give her keys to the castle, but I don’t even know if she’s been doing any of that or if she’s just been doing her own thing and create her own thing. I don’t care what she wants to do. She can go back to school and be a veterinarian for all I care, as long as she’s happy. So, I’m pretty excited for her.”