Renee Young Reveals She “Never Felt Comfortable” On Commentary

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Renee Young became the first-ever full-time female commentator on Monday Night Raw back in September last year, which allowed her to work alongside her husband Dean Ambrose on WWE’s flagship show.

Young gained a lot of negativity on Social Media following her stint on Monday Night Raw, something that she often spoke out about, but now Young has been able to move from behind the commentary desk and it appears that she has found a place where she feels comfortable, on WWE Backstage.

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Young recently spoke to Sports Illustrated’s Media Podcast where she revealed that she’s happy with the move and never actually felt comfortable on commentary.

“So one week Michael Cole and Triple H pulled me aside and said that I am going to be doing commentary on Monday Night Raw next week. I was like, what? Why? Whose idea was this? With anything, you’re like, alright, this opportunity is in front of me I am going to try and figure this out. I consider myself really talented in being able to talk. I know the ins and outs of the wrestling business; this should work. I am sure I can make something work of this. To go out there and call three hours of wrestling… coming from my background I am a host.”

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“I like to be able to have more of a bubbly personality, which is what fans were more drawn to, or they’re drawing to my sarcastic side where I can be a smart ass. It is really hard to do that on commentary, especially when you have Corey Graves who is great at that but also stepping in as that third person. I am used to being that A-person. I am used to driving that ship.”

“So, to have Michael Cole and Corey Graves in their rhythm I’m trying to jump in there and everything has already been said, so it was odd. I tried to come at it from a standpoint but then that doesn’t always work because that doesn’t always seem to be necessarily what they want you to be saying or doing so I just always felt a little misdirection of what my purpose was out there. And on top of that, trying to call my husband’s matches when he was still with WWE, so there is a lot of different weird factors. I’m not trying to make any excuses but it just wasn’t the right gig for me. People that excel at that, it is a tough job, man.”

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“To be out there and talking with soundbites, you have to talk specific points in the match, whether you are talking about somebody’s comeback or someone’s heat, that for me to try to get in a bit of information just in somebody’s entrance where it felt like a normal time for me to talk. It was definitely a cool feather to put in my cap but I’m not one to back away from something. I really, truly wanted it to work. I wanted to excel at that. Not being good at something is a tough pill to swallow for me. I wanted to be able to make that spot work and it just wasn’t, it just wasn’t really working and I don’t think it was what everybody wanted in that spot,” she said via WrestlingInc.

WWE Backstage made its debut on Tuesday night and it appears that it was seen as a rough debut for the show since ratings peaked at just 49,000.