Renee Young Set to Co-Host WWE Special on FOX

Renee Young asked and was granted her WWE release back in August, with her final appearance coming at SummerSlam.

Since Young’s WWE release, the star has been enjoying some downtime and is yet to sit out her non-compete clause and move on to her next project.

The long-time broadcaster and former commentator may have walked away from WWE, but she is still under contract with FOX following her time on WWE Backstage.

It appears that FOX has asked the star who is now known as Renee Paquette to co-host the upcoming SmackDown kickoff show.

FOX is set to present the special show ahead of season two of SmackDown, a year after the show official made the switch back in 2019.

Young will be hosting the SmackDown Kickoff pre-show on Friday, October 16 alongside Booker T. The show will also include special guests and WWE stars as part of the second season celebration.