Renee Young Set To Make History At WWE Crown Jewel

Renee Young
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Renee Young was given the role as a permanent commentator on Monday Night Raw earlier this year, which allowed the former ESPN star to make history as the first full-time female commentator in the history of WWE.

The history keeps on coming for Young, who reportedly is set to become the first and only female star to make her way over to Saudi Arabia with the rest of the male roster.

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ProWrestlingSheet is reporting that WWE began working on a way for Young to be part of the show back in September when she was able to land the role full-time.

Whilst this is huge news for WWE since women were not allowed to be part of the show back in April and women once again won’t be part of the show, but this is a step in the right direction if WWE want the women to be able to perform in The Middle East in the coming months.

Crown Jewel has come under fire over the past few months because of the controversy surrounding Saudi Arabia, but thankfully this is some good news to come out of the show and is huge news for the women of WWE.

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It is unknown as to whether or not Renee Young will be given some guidelines to follow or be forced to dress differently as part of the show, but her mere presence as part of the show will be a huge boost for the WWE as a whole since she will be the first woman to make the trip over to Saudi Arabia.

This news comes off the back of John Cena and Daniel Bryan’s refusal to travel to Saudi Arabia, so it appears that WWE could have struck a deal to ensure some good press comes out of Crown Jewel.