Renee Young Was Backstage at AEW All Out, Jon Moxley Doesn’t Expect Her to Be in “His Corner”

During a media scrum following his successful title defense at AEW All Out, AEW World Champion Jon Moxley was asked by Wrestling Inc. if his wife, the former WWE talent Renee Young would ever appear “in his corner.”

“I don’t think she wants to be anywhere near my corner,” said Moxley. “She doesn’t really like blood and s—t.”

Moxley’s comments square up with certain comments Young herself has said about watching her husband’s matches. While she has always maintained she’s supportive, she has expressed discomfort at some of the bumps he takes.

Moxley also added that Young is under an “extensive non-compete clause” that makes it unlikely that she will appear in another wrestling company anytime soon, even as just in the crowd.

“She was backstage tonight and sitting in the crowd, so she’s around,” said Moxley. “If it wasn’t for that non-compete, she could have popped on camera tonight if she wanted to.”

Moxley noted that, for now, Young’s goals and interests were likely to take her outside the wrestling world.

“I want her to get that Katie Couric ‘Good Morning America’ gig so I can have a sugar momma,” he joked.