Renee Young Wasn’t Allowed to See Vince McMahon Without Makeup on

Renee Young made an emotional exit from WWE last month after Summerslam and she has been sharing interesting tidbits about her time with the company.

Young has a strict non-compete clause currently, and she is making full use of her time giving interviews to various outlets.

She appeared on Sunday Night’s Main Event and revealed a weird rule that she had to follow with Vince McMahon.

Young revealed that she was informed by backstage personnel that she must always wear her makeup before meeting the chairman of the company.

This is quite a bizarre rule for the interviewer, who had a brief stint on the commentary table.

“Little me is walking around backstage with a clean face, squeaky clean, and he comes walking down the hallway, and I’m like, ‘Hi!’ And I don’t remember who it was with him, but they said Vince should not see you without makeup on. You should be fully done.”

Young added that McMahon didn’t give any weird reaction to seeing her without makeup, but she was forced to carry on with this rule for the rest of her WWE career.