Retired British Wrestler Charged With Murder

Breaks will be known to many British fans for his time in the ring throughout the 1960s

Jim breaks
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It’s been a long time since Jim “Cry Baby” Breaks has graced a wrestling ring in the United Kingdom, but the spotlight is firmly on the retired wrestler after he was charged with the murder of his ex-girlfriend Donna Cowley.

Various outlets in the United Kingdom including The Daily Mail and The Mirror have both reported that the 80-year-old former grappler was charged with the 2017 murder of his ex-girlfriend in Gran Canaria and could now be facing up to fifteen years in prison following his trial.

Cowley passed away almost two years ago after an argument with her boyfriend led to a violent reaction where he punched her in the face and body and then smashed a cup over her head. She was conscious enough to call the authorities following the altercation but passed away the following day in hospital.

There has currently been no date set for his trial and no update on whether or not he is set to plead innocent or guilty to the crime. What is known is that the couple were having issues ahead of the argument since Breaks admitted that she treated him like she was his caretaker rather than his girlfriend and prosecutors are now arguing that Breaks abandoned Cowley in the bathroom of a holiday resort in Puerto Rico.

Breaks will be known to many British fans for his time in the ring throughout the 1960s, where he was featured heavily on ITV and is a former nine-time British Lightweight Champion.

The news will come as a shock for many fans around the world who grew up watching “cry baby” in the ring, but when the trial begins there are sure to be many other details released surrounding the crime that are hard to hear.