Rey Mysterio and Dominik Confirm That They Struggled With COVID-19 Symptoms Back in December

Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik mysteriously vanished from WWE TV back in December even though they had opened a feud with King Corbin.

Seth Rollins left WWE at the end of November on Paternity leave and the two stars were able to wrap up their feud before his exit, but when Mysterio moved on to a feud with King Corbin, the storyline skipped several weeks.

There was a belief that WWE could have scrapped the storyline, but it appears that the actual issue was that Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik were exposed to COVID-19 back in December and were forced to self-isolate as a precaution.

The father and son duo recently appeared on The Start Today podcast where they were able to open up about their recent issues with the virus.

“It has been so confusing for me and my family, and we’ve tried to really understand how this works because it changes every time. My parents ended up catching COVID and we were taking care of them, making sure they didn’t catch it, but somehow they caught it and brought it to my house, passed it on to my housekeeper, my housekeeper then passed it onto my wife.”

“I was with my wife for maybe three days, I flew out to Tampa to do SmackDown and I found out that Friday morning before I walked into the arena that my housekeeper had tested positive, so I then brought it to [WWE’s] attention. I said I don’t want to be the guy—and we [Dominik and Rey] both tested negative the night before, and my daughter flew in earlier and tested negative—so keep in mind that my daughter, Dominik, and myself were around my housekeeper and my wife. My wife tested negative, my housekeeper tested positive.”

Mysterio went on to explain that he found out about the positive test on his Birthday and then flew home. He also revealed that some of the symptoms he experienced were migraines and really bad body aches which made it feel like flu.

Luckily the former World Champion has since recovered along with his son.