Rey Mysterio Could Leave WWE Before WrestleMania 36, STARDOM Ready For Io Shirai & Kairi Sane’s Return

Image via WWE

Rey Mysterio will challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship this Sunday at Survivor Series. Per early betting odds, Lesnar (-400) is the favorite to retain the title against underdog Mysterio (+250).

Mr. 619’s latest title shot comes exactly one year after his return to WWE. At SmackDown 1000 in 2018, Mysterio returned “home”, having inked a two-year deal with the billion-dollar promotion.

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The contract that Mysterio signed last year (in September) has an out-clause at the 18-month mark, meaning the former World Heavyweight Champion has the option to quit WWE just before WrestleMania 36.

However, WWE recently began the trend of tacking on more time on contracts. A few months ago, Mysterio was sidelined with an injury and this might cause WWE to add more time to his contract in case he chooses to leave in March.

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AEW has always had their sights on Mysterio and would definitely sign him any day despite his ripe age. Chris Jericho has already brought immense value to the company and signing Mr. 619 will just skyrocket AEW’s brand value.

Meanwhile, World Wonder Ring Stardom happens to be gearing up for Kairi Sane and Io Shirai’s grand return, having sent open invitations to both Superstars recently. During a recent interview with Tokyo Sports, Director of Bushiroad, Takaaki Kidani stated that the door is open for both Shirai and Sane to return to Stardom.

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“I will prepare the stage, so I’d like you to come back. Of course (multiple years with the WWE), it is a story after the contract is over, but I would like to show you coming back as an option. We are considering making a return offer.”

Only time will reveal whether both Superstars are ready to return to their parent promotion at this stage of their careers. However, Kairi could be leaving WWE soon, meaning the Japanese promotion could be a viable option.