Rey Mysterio Doesn’t Want His Son to Be The One to Retire Him

Rey Mysterio’s son Dominick hasn’t officially signed on as a WWE talent, but he has been appearing frequently on WWE television this past two years as part of his father’s storylines.

Most notably, he was an active part of the build-up to the match and the match itself between Mysterio and Brock Lesnar during last year’s SummerSlam.

Now, he is part of his father’s feud with Seth Rollins. He actually appeared on the most recent episode of Raw to attack Rollins who has sidelined his father with an eye injury.

While Dominick isn’t under contract with WWE or any other wrestling promotion, he has been training to be an in-ring performer for a couple of years now. There is a lot of talk that when he does make his in-ring debut with WWE it will be in a storyline with his father.

Dominick has said on screen that he wants to tag with his father, but many are speculating that Dominick might debut as a heel and go against Mysterio – maybe even retiring his father.

Speaking about that possibility with GalaxyCon’s Rock Around the Ring, Mysterio said that having his son as his opponent during his final match wasn’t something he would want.

“That’s something that I would hate,” he said. “I would hate to walk out and have my son take over on my last match.”

“I think the torch has already been passed and will eventually again the day that we get to share a ring together and perform in front of fans. That’s when the torch will be passed onto him,” he added.

Mysterio also said that he thinks the past couple of years has turned his fans into his son’s fans and this will help when Dominik does debut. He said that Dominik should be ready to wrestle by next year.