Rey Mysterio Expects To Make WWE Return In June Or July

Mr. 619 relinquished the United States Title to Samoa Joe earlier this month

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Rey Mysterio captured the WWE United States Champion from Samoa Joe at Money In The Bank last month but relinquished the title to the Samoan two weeks later for having suffered an injury at the pay-per-view event.

Mr. 619 has been out of action for a while but expects to make his in-ring return pretty soon.

During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc., Mysterio revealed the expected date for his return – it could be as early as late June or July!

“An unfortunate thing happened in the ring at MITB. When you’re in their full action and full adrenaline, you have no idea of the referee’s count or if he’s even aware that the opponent is grabbing the rope while he’s doing the pin. Nine out of 10 times the ref is right on spot, but this wasn’t the occasion.”

It appears that the masked legend would be ready in time for SummerSlam. Now that Mysterio and Joe have entangled themselves in a lengthy feud, it would be exciting if the underdog dethrones The Destroyer at SummerSlam and puts an end to the ongoing storyline, at least for now.

“When I saw the replay I saw that Samoa Joe’s left shoulder was off the canvas during the three-count. Due to the unfortunate aftermath after winning the title, I suffered a separated left shoulder. That has put me on the bench, so I’ve been doing some PRP and slight rotation movements. I’m trying to see if I could get back in possibly late June or July.”

Mysterio’s return will allow WWE to bring Dominic back on weekly TV. The young talent has been part of his father’s feud with Joe and it would be interesting to see WWE making full use of Mysterio’s remaining career to give Dominic a headstart as a singles Superstar in the company.