Rey Mysterio Hopeful of a Cain Velasquez Return in WWE

Rey Mysterio introduced former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez to WWE last year when he brought him to take down the beast Brock Lesnar.

However, Velasquez lost against Lesnar in his only WWE encounter and was later released by the company earlier this year.

Mysterio recently spoke with ESPN and gave his thoughts on Velasquez’s future in wrestling. He felt that Velasquez is quite passionate about the sport, and isn’t gone forever from the company.

“I can’t dig into the exact situation with Cain. I do know for a fact that he’s very dedicated, he’s very passionate about lucha libre and about wrestling, I know this was one of his biggest dreams to be a part of the WWE. I honestly don’t think that he’s gone for good. I think he’s going to make an appearance and a comeback. It’s very hard to put a mask on someone that has created their own history within the UFC like Cain.”

“I would really love and I think that him coming back would be huge.” 

Cain Velasquez had a stellar career with UFC, before taking up professional wrestling. He wrestled for AAA at Triplemania in his pro wrestling debut and impressed fans worldwide.

With Brock Lesnar apparently gone from WWE, a return for Cain doesn’t look plausible, but the duo fighting at a future WrestleMania will surely be a card headliner.