Rey Mysterio Is Hopefully Reaching A WWE Deal Soon!

Since his appearance at the Royal Rumble (where we thought he looked fantastic) and the rumblings online that Rey Mysterio could be set for a match at WrestleMania. Many of us fans have been wondering just what is going on with Rey Mysterio?

Well over at Pro Wrestling Sheet they have recently posted a very interesting article about his future with the WWE. According to them, in the coming weeks, Rey Mysterio is going to meet with the WWE to try and iron out a return. Triple H is the guy who is apparently handling all the negotiations with Rey Mysterio.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Rey Mysterio is looking for some kind of part time deal. He wants to be able to still do outside projects (no real indication of what they may be) and he wants to really be compensated for his name value.

Of course not only would a Rey Mysterio vs John Cena match be a great marquee kind of match to help push along WrestleMania. Getting Rey Mysterio back under contract also means that the WWE is going to be able to push out a ton of Rey Mysterio merchandise. If you think back to when Mysterio was with the WWE, the number of action figures, masks, t-shirts and other items that he was on was huge.

No doubt the WWE has a goldmine in Rey Mysterio if they use him right, plus he has proven that he can still go in the ring. Rey Mysterio action is something that we would all love to see.