Rey Mysterio Isn’t Too Sure About Putting His Mask On The Line Again

The Greatest Mask Of All Time is still going strong in 2019

Image via WWE

Pro wrestling legend Rey Mysterio is going through an interesting phase in his career – on one hand, he is working a limited schedule with WWE while on the other, he is paving the way for his son Dominic to kickstart his own pro wrestling journey.

Mr. 619 lost his iconic mask in a “Hair vs Mask” match, 20 years ago in WCW. The young Mexican has teamed up with Konnan to take on Scott Hall and Kevin Nash at SuperBrawl IX. Mysterio was unmasked on that historic night – the Luchador didn’t hesitate to publicly express his disappointment over losing his mask later on.

Upon signing with WWE in 2002 and at the insistence of Vince McMahon, Mysterio donned his legendary mask once again, and the rest, as we all know, is history. It is to be noted that Rey had received permission from the official Lucha Libre commission to wear his mask again since he hadn’t lost it in a traditional mask vs mask match.

While speaking to Super Lucha, The Greatest High-Flyer in WWE History opened up on whether he would put his mask on the line ever again.

“Oh I do not know. They are moments that you live at the moment. I can’t make a decision right now, and I believe that a respect has been maintained with the mask since I entered WWE, which was in 2002, and although I lost it and we know that in Mexico when you lose the mask your career continues without her, and so it was with me, right? … I lost her in WCW … but when I entered WWE, because the plans were different, and people accepted me again with the character, and that’s why I’m still Rey Mysterio today masked.”

While there have been several rumors of a potential “Hair vs Mask” match between Andrade and Mysterio at WrestleMania, it doesn’t seem like WWE is ready to entertain the idea of such a ‘risky’ booking anytime soon.