Rey Mysterio Reveals That He Would Eliminate His Own Son Dominik From Royal Rumble Match

Rey Mysterio won the 2006 Royal Rumble 15 years ago after entering the match at number two and setting a new record for the time spent in the match.

Mysterio is expected to be part of the upcoming Royal Rumble match once again, a match that his son Dominik could make his debut in.

Rey Mysterio was a guest on The Bump earlier today and he was asked about what would happen if he drew number one and Dominik drew number two in the upcoming match.

Mysterio didn’t even have to think about it before he made it clear that he would throw his son out of the match straight away.

“I would have to throw him out right away, yes, I mean we have to do it, there’s no other option either he goes or I go, but I’m sure that I get first dibs on that so he’s going over the top.”

At present, neither Dominik nor Rey Mysterio has announced nor earned their way into the 2021 Royal Rumble match.

There are still two episodes of SmackDown ahead of next weekend’s show, so there is plenty of time for the two men to be made part of the 30-man match.