Rey Mysterio Reveals When He Plans to Retire From Wrestling

Rey Mysterio has been around the wrestling business for more than three decades and is already a living legend in WWE. The former World Champion has recently introduced both his daughter Aalyah and son Dominik to the company.

Mysterio recently returned to action on SmackDown following a long layoff with a shoulder injury. The former Champion was unable to qualify for this year’s Survivor Series men’s team but remains in a deeply personal feud with fellow WWE star Seth Rollins.

Mysterio was recently a guest on Chasing Glory with former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia, where he was able to reveal that he doesn’t think he will be wrestling past the age of 50 and he turns 45 next month.

“I’ll be 45 in December. And I don’t see myself going past 50, that’s for sure. My body feels great right now. I’ve been doing new methods of therapy – STEM cells, hyperbaric chambers, cryo chambers, CBD’s, you know, a lot of things that benefit me. I think that has given me more longevity.”

Mysterio also noted that he wants to end his career with WWE because the 2006 Royal Rumble winner believes that this is the highest that he can go in the wrestling business.