Rhea Ripley Protects Shayna Baszler From Fan Criticism

Shayna Baszler is the most dominant heel on the NXT women’s roster and none has been able to match the former champion’s brute persona to date. Despite her strong presence in the women’s division, Baszler is often criticized by the WWE Universe for portraying a “boring” character on TV.

Last week on WWE NXT, Baszler dropped the NXT Women’s Title to Rhea Ripley bringing an end to her impressive 416-day title reign. It was perhaps the best move to close this decade on a high note and fans couldn’t believe that The Queen Of Spades had actually been dethroned.

During a recent interview with Newsweek, Ripley expressed her disappointment with social media posts that belittle her and Baszler’s gimmick. The newly crowned NXT Women’s Champion defended The Submission Magician against meaningless fan criticism.

“I read a lot of things on Twitter, and I see a lot of things about Shayna and about me. I absolutely hate it when they rag on her and say she’s boring.”

“She’s a heel, she’s not supposed to be exciting. She’s not supposed to make you like her. She’s not supposed to do any of that stuff. She’s doing her job right. And I hate when people disrespect that fact. So to go out there and put on a match like that with Shayna and prove to everyone how wrong [they are about] not only me but her as well, it’s a feeling that can’t be matched. I just love proving people wrong.”

Hopefully, the WWE Universe will change their perception of Baszler following her imminent debut on RAW or SmackDown.

The latest rumors suggest that the ex-NXT Women’s Champion is set to make her main roster debut at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view next month. Per Sky Bet, Baszler is the favorite to win the Women’s Royal match with odds of 11/10.