Rhino Saves His Job, Earns Title Shot and Contract for Injured Heath Miller

The Bound For Glory pay-per-view featured a Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match which traditionally earns the winner a future title shot of their choosing.

The match was won by Rhino, who not only now has a title shot, but has secured his job and earned his friend Heath Miller (formerly WWE’s Heath Slater) an Impact contract.

Miller, who has been trying to secure an Impact contract with Rhino’s help, was entered in the match along with Rhino under special stipulations.

If either he or Rhino won the match, he would get a full-time contract. If neither of them won, not only would Miller not be signed, but Rhino would be fired.

Since Rhino was able to stay the course, avoid elimination, and beat Sami Callihan in a singles bout, his is now a three-part victory as he has saved his job, secured his friend’s job, and earned a chance at one of Impact Wrestling’s titles.

The victory might end up a little bittersweet, however, as Miller was injured during the match.

Shortly before he was eliminated, Miller looked to have landed badly after performing a kick. After he was eliminated, he was seen being checked out by doctors outside the ring.

Miller has since confirmed that he was injured in the match. While he should still be under the contract he and Rhino “earned”, how this injury will affect his ability to work has yet to be revealed.