Rhyno Opens Up About The Way WWE Treats Its Talent

Rhyno's WWE contract expired last week

Image via WWE

Rhyno’s WWE contract expired on July 17th, but he had already seemingly made the switch over to Impact Wrestling before then, since a masked superstar invaded Slammiversary to attack Michael Elgin.

Rhyno didn’t face any punishment for appearing for a promotion that is seen as competition for WWE and has now debuted as one of their newest recruits.

The former SmackDown Tag Team Champion was only with WWE for four years following his re-debut in NXT back in 2015. In that time, he was able to become one half of the inaugural SmackDown Tag Team Champions alongside Heath Slater before the duo became the latest in a long line of overlooked stars in WWE.

Now that he’s moved on to a new promotion, Rhyno was able to speak openly to Brady Hicks of In the Room on VOC Nation where he revealed how WWE would treat their talent while they were under contract as well as noting what WWE is still one big family.

The health of the wrestlers is very important to WWE. You will hear people trash talk that and it is untrue. They encourage people to bring problems to their attention. They have standard testing equipment like EKG and Ultrasounds on the road. They go the extra step just to make sure,” he said via WrestlingInc.

We are like one big family in WWE. It was fun on the first run, but as you get a little bit older, you mature too. I try to help the guys and the girls now to try and avoid certain mistakes outside of the ring.

Rhyno’s profile was moved over to the alumni website of WWE.com months ago, so it’s assumed that WWE was aware that he wanted to leave and allowed him to appear at Slammiversary even though it was days before his contract came to an end.