Ric Flair Names Superstars Who Could “Carry The Torch” In WWE, Calls Randy Orton “The Man”

Will WWE ever find the perfect replacement of John Cena?

Image via WWE

16-time World Champion Ric Flair has enjoyed an illustrious career that spanned decades and knows exactly what it takes to be the top guy in the business.

WWE is currently going through a lot of changes and the company seems to be in a dilemma as to who their next face should be.

Roman Reigns almost stepped into John Cena‘s shoes at a certain point but his medical hiatus caused WWE to take a step back and put their faith in Seth Rollins. However, The Big Dog has become a larger than life character since his leukemia return but it appears that WWE hasn’t yet decided which Superstar should be their top guy from hereon.

During a recent appearance on the WINCLY podcast, Flair named three Superstars who could potentially carry the torch in WWE.

“They’ve got some phenomenal talent [in WWE right now]. I’m not saying they’re not carrying the torch, I’m saying that they haven’t, in my opinion, decided who they want to carry it. You’ve got Roman [Reigns], you’ve got Seth [Rollins], you’ve got AJ Styles, all three tremendous.”

The 2-time WWE Hall Of Famer then went on to name 13-time World Champion Randy Orton as the face of the company in his books.

Despite his age, The Viper is the only active Superstar who can replace Cena; in terms of accomplishments, Orton has scored the third-highest World Title victories in WWE history while also enjoying a Grand Slam title to his name.

“Randy Orton, there isn’t a better worker in the business, when he wants to work than Randy Orton. But Randy has been there. When he does those interviews where he says he’s been here for fifteen years and done it all, that’s the truth! That’s how fast time has gone by. Randy Orton, if you take his size into consideration, his looks, it’s hard to say Randy is not ‘The Man’.”

Given the tremendous success of the Women’s Division, it wouldn’t come off as a surprise if WWE chooses to make a female Superstar the next face of the company.