Ric Flair Shares “Secret” to Winning the Royal Rumble Match

Ahead of the Raw Legends Night, Ric Flair talked about the Royal Rumble match and revealed what it takes to win the rumble match.

Flair said that the “secret” to winning the Royal Rumble is to know your position in the ring and being able to “see what is coming your way”.

The Nature Boy also said that only skills don’t make someone win a Royal Rumble because there are 30 wrestlers trying to do the same.

“The secret is knowing where you are in the ring at all times and being able to see what is coming your way. Especially if you enter early because there is so much great talent, so many Superstars that are qualified and good, and that can win. Sometimes it’s luck, sometimes it’s fate, sometimes it’s skill.”

“When you have 30 people in the ring at one time you can’t always depend on skill. It is being in the right place at the right time, being consciously aware of where you are and who is around you for an hour. You just can’t go charging around in there and looking for someone you are upset with. You have to remember that everybody wants to win.”

Flair also said that wrestlers can be friends before the match starts, but when they enter the ring, they will want to win the whole thing.

“They can be your best friend five minutes prior to the match start, but when they are in that ring, they want to win. To have that notoriety of being a winner of the Royal Rumble is a huge moniker and something you can rest your laurels on for a long time. It’s a huge challenge and it’s a very difficult match to work. It’s a lot of people that want to win, the stakes are high, the money is high. It’s a big time match.”