Ric Flair Supports Cody Rhodes Recreating Four Horsemen in AEW

From 1985-1987, the original Four Horsemen stable consisting of Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson, and Tully Blanchard revolutionized the pro wrestling business. Three decades later, fans could finally see a reincarnation of the historic faction in the modern wrestling industry.

Since last month, fans have been speculating about Cody Rhodes possibly recreating The Four Horsemen in AEW. Two founding members of the original group, Arn and Tully already work for Tony Khan’s promotion and now 16-time World Champion Ric Flair has also given the thumbs up to the exciting idea.

During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc, Flair said he is all in for Cody bringing back the iconic stable with a re-invention alongside FTR.

“No, I’d be for it. No matter who does it or how it’s done, it’s attributed to us. To this day, I’ll see Arn and we’ll do a signing now and then and the whole joint walks around with their four fingers up, to this day. If we’re together for a signing, and even if we’re on different sides of the world, the people that come back and forth to get a signature or picture, they’re all doing the same thing.”

The Nature Boy further stated that had they enjoyed the right marketing strategy and worked with WWE, The Four Horsemen would have been even bigger than what it stands today.

“But I tell him, just imagine if we had been in the era of marketing? Or if we had been working with WWE who knew and knows how to market? The marketing, in some cases, can make you bigger and better than you are. I don’t like to see that but it does exist.”

“But I’m happy for all the money that everybody makes because they earn it. They’re earning it right now despite the health issues. So, I’m happy to see them all making money for the Four Horsemen or whatever. Guys like Arn and, I hope, myself and Tully and Barry will always have a place. And of course the infamous JJ Dillon [laughs].”

A re-invention of the original Four Horsemen brand is definitely big money for AEW. The promotion has tons of plans for the future and if done correctly, the pro wrestling business could once again see the revival of the legendary stable.

AEW has a few young talents who can fit into that concept but it remains to be seen which stars make the cut.