Ric Flair Threatens Legal Action Against WWE

Flair recently filed a trademark for 'The Man' tagline

Image via WWE

Ric Flair may be one of the greatest wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots, but more often than not, he is in the limelight for controversial reasons. Ric Flair recently filed a trademark for ‘The Man’ tagline, which he claims to have used since 1981.

Ric Flair owns the trademark for the famous line, ‘To be the man, you gotta beat the man’. RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch started using this famous phrase last year and has since become a major hit with the WWE Universe.

Ric Flair spoke with TMZ Sports and said that he is looking to take legal actions on the company for unfair usage of the trademarked content. Flair said that he tried to reach an agreement with the WWE, but they weren’t willing to back off.

Flair said that he filed a trademark for ‘The Man’ after failing to reach an agreement with the WWE, and this didn’t go down well with either WWE or Flair’s own daughter, Charlotte Flair.

According to TMZ Sports, Flair told them that he has no issues with Women’s Division of WWE or Becky Lynch, but he should be compensated for what he is owed. The matter between WWE and Flair seem to have escalated in the past few weeks, as Flair was seemingly enjoying himself at the RAW Reunion episode not so long ago.

Flair says that he wants to support his family, and hence, he should be paid by WWE for the usage of ‘The Man’.

“When I almost died two years ago, one person stayed by me [Wendy]. The whole time — 31 days in the ICU, 12 days while I was dying on a respirator — and I’m gonna take care of her, and her family, and my family that has taken care of me no matter what.”

“I don’t care what the WWE thinks of me personally, I know they love me, but obviously they’ve lost respect for me.”

Hopefully, Flair and WWE sort it out soon enough. Lynch’s character won’t be the same without ‘The Man’ gimmick.