Rich Swan Retains Impact World Championship Over Tommy Dreamer

Wrestling legend Tommy Dreamer recently celebrated his 50th birthday, and his gift was a championship match against Rich Swann at Impact No Surrender.

Dreamer wanted to give fans one last great moment by which they could remember him, and he thought beating Swann for the Impact World Championship would be the perfect way to do so.

While Dreamer didn’t beat Swann, he was still successful in giving fans something to remember him as the two had an exciting and hard-hitting match.

During the match, Dreamer dislocated his finger when he caught a kick and countered with a DVD to the floor. Though the ringside doctor wanted to help, Dreamer took matters into his own hands, popping his finger in place and getting right back into the fight.

Swann was eventually able to land a series of kicks on Dreamer’s knee, head, and face, before hitting the Phoenix splash to get the pin and the win.

Swann helped Dreamer up in a show of respect and Dreamer returned the favor by presenting Swann with the championship belt. The moment was interrupted by Moose, who ambushed both men in the ring.