Ricochet On Which Main Roster Brand He Will Be Wrestling On, Jack Swagger On Vince McMahon’s Advice Before MMA Debut, Rikishi Teases The Usos Leaving WWE

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Ricochet On Which Main Roster Brand He Will Be Wrestling On

Ricochet made his main roster debut last week on Monday Night RAW. The One and Only wrestled on SmackDown Live the following night.

During a surprise celebration party for his main roster call-up, Ricochet told
WPSD Local 6 which main roster brand he will wrestling on.

“I will be on RAW and SmackDown going forward. At least until after Mania. After Mania, it’s gonna be one or the other. I’m assuming, I don’t know. But that’s what I’m assuming. But yes, going forward, I am now an official member of RAW and/or SmackDown.”

Jack Swagger Reveals Advice Given By Vince McMahon Before MMA Debut

During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, former WWE Superstar Jack Swagger revealed the piece of advice he received from Vince McMahon ahead of his Bellator debut.

“He sent me a text message and told me not to lose kind of as a ‘ha ha’. But I think it was really cool we had R-Truth doing the entrance and he went to Vince and Vince said yeah go do it man, go out there and support this guy. I think it was like everyone else, they came in and supported me and wanted to help me and I’m very humbled and honored.”

Rikishi Teases The Usos Leaving WWE

Last week, WWE Hall Of Famer Rikishi openly stated that his sons, 6-time WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos are set to become free agents soon.

While speaking to TV Insider, Rikishi once again made the same tease by saying that his sons “have nothing else to prove in WWE.”

Jonathan and Joshua Fatu, they are pretty much well secured there in WWE. I taught my kids everything they need to know in the industry, but I think they have nothing else to prove in WWE.”

“My thing is I’m always concerned about my kids and their bodies holding up in the industry. We don’t have time off. They run 365 days a year and gone all the time and performing every night. I’m kind of leaning for them to go to Hollywood. I kind of see a Samoan dynasty reality show for CBS, I think, somewhere down the line.”