Ricochet Wants WWE Universe To Take ‘Small Guys’ In WWE Seriously

Image via WWE

WWE has always been the company known for their larger than life personalities. Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior, John Cena, etc. were the popular names involved with WWE for years, and all these men had one thing in common, lots and lots of muscle!

However, the times have certainly changed not just in WWE, but in the whole pro wrestling industry. The ‘smaller guys’ have taken over the industry, and the business is not about 6ft 5in, 300-pound individuals anymore.

Recently, Richochet posted a tweet listing the achievements of the ‘small guys’ in WWE. Ricochet debuted on the main roster earlier this year and has had a stellar run in WWE so far. He defeated Samoa Joe to win the United States Title and pinned former WWE Champion AJ Styles clean in a matchup.

Ricochet also mentioned Buddy Murphy defeating Daniel Bryan, Cedric Alexander pinning Drew McIntyre and Ali getting one-up on Shinsuke Nakamura. All the three superstars mentioned by Ricochet are former members of the 205 Live roster, which is often overlooked and under-appreciated by the majority of WWE Universe.

Ricochet is part of a group which is known for their athletic abilities, and carry a plethora of aerial offensive maneuvers in their arsenal. The former NXT North American Champion feels that the WWE Universe will have to take the smaller guys seriously soon enough.

Ricochet mentioned Murphy’s win over Bryan last week, which was quite ironic considering Bryan is heralded as the superstar who paved the way for smaller guys in WWE. Bryan’s run in 2013-14, where he was deemed not good enough by the Authority, quickly became one of the hottest topics in professional wrestling. Bryan was quite famously dubbed as B+ player by Stephanie McMahon.

Ricochet and co. are busting their backs week-in, week-out to ensure that they are considered “Best for Business”.