Riddick Moss Explains His Absence on Raw, Status With The Company

Riddick Moss, who was moved from NXT to RAW only this year, has been absent from WWE TV since April.

While he was not one of those names who were let go due to COVID-19 cost-cutting measures, his absence has had many wondering about his current status.

In an interview on the Spark in the Dark podcast, Moss confirmed that he is still with WWE but his absence does have something to do with COVID-19.

According to Moss, he stayed away from the tapings and has basically been isolating himself out of concern for the health of his brother.

Moss’ brother, who he lives with, has cystic fibrosis and as such is immunocompromised and at greater risk of a COVID-19 infection.

Moss was brought in to RAW to accompany his friend Mojo Rawley who was then trying to win the WWE 24/7 Championship. Moss was instrumental to Rawley holding the title twice before he turned on Rawley and took the title for himself.

Moss held the 24/7 Championship for 41 days before losing it to R-Truth.

While Moss has yet to return to RAW, he has returned to action on Main Event, having matches against Humberto Carrillo in July.