Riddick Moss Reveals He Has Been Wrestling Injured for Months

Riddick Moss joined the main-roster back in January, appearing as Mojo Rawley’s muscle man before he betrayed Rawley and joined the 24/7 title scene for a few weeks.

Moss mysteriously disappeared from WWE Television for a few months, before he returned in July on the RAW brand.

It was reported that Moss stayed at home to quarantine himself, in order to protect his family from the deadly virus.

Moss has wrestled majorly on WWE Main Event and has recently gone on a winning streak on RAW Underground. Moss may have looked dominant in the shoot-fighting contest, but he has wrestled with a serious injury for the last two months.

The former 24/7 Champion took to Instagram and revealed his ACL injury, which didn’t put a dent in his in-ring performances.

However, this injury is causing more issues for the superstar, who will probably undergo treatment soon, and will have to take time off from WWE once again.