Rikishi Talks Anoa’i Family’s Reaction To Roman Reigns’ Leukemia Announcement

Image via Twitter

WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi was a guest on Wrestling Inc.’s WINCLY podcast where he spoke about how his family dealt with the news of Roman Reigns’ leukemia.

Rikishi and Reigns are cousins and part of the famous wrestling Anoa’i family. Rikishi’s sons are Jimmy and Jey Uso. According to Rikishi, the Anoa’i family was aware and supportive of Reign’s struggle even before he announced it to the world.

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“We all knew about it. But it was his timing and as a family we supported his thoughts and when it was right for him to come out with it,” said Rikishi.

According to him, the family is proud of how Reigns has used his situation to help others and raise awareness about leukemia.

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“He’s doing the charities and meet-and-greets and bringing awareness to that disease. It’s a beautiful thing as he’s utilizing his platform. It’s bigger than wrestling and that’s one thing we’re so happy he’s able to get out there and bring awareness,” said Rikishi.

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Rikishi currently runs a wrestling school, the KnokX Pro Academy and he talked about how it was keeping him busy.

“Most of my time is with the academy in Los Angeles and we have approximately 70 students. These kids keep me alive, man. I have a love and passion for the industry and I just want these kids to get it,” said Rikishi.

“Every single person that comes through it’s the same story – they love pro wrestling. I’m straight up and I tell them, ‘Some of you guys are gonna make it and some of you guys are not gonna make it.’ By the time we go to the training, you’re gonna find out it’s not exactly what you thought it would be,”