Road Dogg Reportedly Steps Down As Co-Head Writer Of SmackDown Live

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Road Dogg was recently inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame alongside other members of D-Generation X on Saturday night, but it appears that the former New Age Outlaw has been working in a backstage roll on SmackDown Live ever since The Brand Split.

Dogg has been a well-liked star backstage for a number of years and is close to the McMahon family, which is why he has been able to operate at such a high level ever since 2016.

Road Dogg along with Ryan Ward was the main creative person backstage for the blue brand, but reports that have surfaced today on Reddit and been backed up by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer are suggesting that Road Dogg has walked away from the company following a number of issues with Vince McMahon when it comes to the booking of SmackDown Live over the past few months.

Road Dogg reportedly hit “breaking point” this past week when SmackDown took place in Brooklyn, New York, and sources cited the frustration of last minute changes for the product as the main reason for his decision, which can’t have been an easy one for the WWE Hall of Famer to make.

Road Dogg recently updated his Twitter status to show that he was obviously battling some kind of decision and it appears to have come clear this morning now that the news has been shared that he has decided to step down from his current role.

Currently, there is only what is known from The Wrestling Observer Radio earlier this morning as this news continues to break in the wrestling world, and it’s currently unclear as to whether or not Road Dogg will remain a part of SmackDown Live in a smaller role or if he’s walked away from the company for good.