Rob Van Dam Not Ruling Out A WWE Return, But Not Anytime Soon

Former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam was recently asked during an interview with Sports Illustrated about the chances of him returning to the WWE.

According to Van Dam, while he is grateful to the fans who are clamoring to see him back in a WWE ring, he’s currently happy in the indies.

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“I know that my fans want to see me back in WWE, To that, I can say, it’s good to be wanted. I can tell you that I enjoy my days off a lot more than my days on, but I appreciate the fans. It’s because of them I have the life I have. So thank you to the fans, I know they’re going to stick with me for life, and never say never,” said Van Dam.

According to Van Dam, he likes being able to pick the dates and the shows that he will work. An ability he has in the independent scene that would not available to him as a WWE superstar.

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“I only wrestle 10-12 matches a year, and I get to pick and choose my matches. I have so much to be grateful for, but I’m still stretching and going through my routine to make sure I’m at my best,” said Van Dam.

The last time Rob Van Dam was a regular on WWE programming was in 2014. Since then he has mostly appeared in the independent circuit.