Rob Van Dam Recalls Tough Training Under The Sheik

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Former WWE star, ECW legend, and current Impact performer Rob Van Dam talked a little about his wrestling career during an Impact Retrospective.

According to RVD, he wouldn’t have been able to do the things he did and have the career he has, if it wasn’t for his training with The Sheik and Sabu. He said it was very different from how today’s wrestlers are trained.

Van Dam also noted that The Sheik trained him to be hard hitting and not to hold back, something that has reportedly startled other wrestlers who have shared the ring with him.

“There was never ever one time in my schooling where he said, ‘This is how to hit somebody without injuring them. This is the right way to fall without getting hurt.’ There was none of that. It was about grabbing each other, squeezing each other, and pinning each other. We knew we had to work with each other to a certain degree in order to pull off what we wanted to accomplish and we were sensible, but The Sheik never one time said, ‘Hey, you’re hitting him too hard,'” said Van Dam.

According to Van Dam, the tough training didn’t just affect his in ring style but also his own ability to take punishment and keep working. He admitted that he’s wrestled injured but never let it affect his work.

“I’m from a school where I never ever say that I’m hurt because if I can keep going and you don’t need to take me the hospital, then I’m not hurt. To me, hurt means you can’t work. That’s why I’ve wrestled with broken bones, concussions, torn ACLs, and I’m not saying that’s a good idea, that’s the way I came up,” said Van Dam.

Check out more of Van Dam’s recollections in the video below: