ROH’s PJ Black Injured and Out of Action

ROH talent PJ Black has announced that he will be out of action due to injury.

Black, who wrestled as Justin Gabriel in WWE, is also known as “The Darewolf” and is known to be daring both in and out of the ring where he likes to indulge in extreme sports such as base jumping.

According to Black, however, the injuries didn’t come from his in-ring activities nor did it occur during an out of the ring “adventure.” Rather he fell down the stairs on the weekend.

Black announced his injury status on an Instagram post. While he didn’t go into the injury specifics, he did post some photos and videos of his hospital visit.

He also talked a little about his “injury history” which he noted was pretty clean until five years ago. Since then he’s broken his legs multiple times and broken his ring finger.

Black signed with ROH back in 2018. Before posting about being injured, he was seen on the main event on the NJPW Strong 15 show which was held on Night 1 of the New Japan Showdown. He lost the match to Tama Tonga. It should be noted that the match was actually taped in the summer.