Roman Reigns’ Absence Has Caused A Domino Effect On Survivor Series

Roman Reigns was forced to relinquish the Universal Championship two weeks ago on Monday Night Raw after he made it public knowledge that he was battling Leukemia. Reigns has been battling the disease for more than a decade but it’s only recently returned and it’s forced him to step away from the ring and focus on his personal life.

The fact that this happened just a month before Survivor Series has meant that there have been a number of changes made to the show, since the original plan was to break away from the traditional Raw vs SmackDown format and instead focus on the feud between Kurt Angle and Baron Corbin who were fighting for the control of Raw.

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This was reportedly because Vince McMahon didn’t want to see Roman Reigns up against AJ Styles at the penultimate pay-per-view of the year so he changed up much of the show.

The fact that Brock Lesnar is now Universal Champion and Styles will face The Beast in a rematch from last year’s show has worked out quite well for WWE, who presumably didn’t have a plan for the show two weeks ago since Lesnar was set to wrestle his final contracted match for the company.

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The creative team has been able to bring back the format of brand supremacy for the show over the past few weeks and now there are three matches that have been made official for Survivor Series.

Many more matches are expected to be announced but right now there are three that are official which include Becky Lynch facing off against Ronda Rousey, Seth Rollins taking on Shinsuke Nakamura and the aforementioned rematch between WWE Champion AJ Styles and Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.