Roman Reigns Addresses Rumors Of His Leukemia Being ‘Fake’

Reigns beat leukemia and made a triumphant return to the ring earlier this year

Image via WWE

Roman Reigns was diagnosed with leukemia in October last year, and many wondered if the Big Dog would ever return to the ring after the life-threatening disease. Reigns, however, beat the illness and made a triumphant return to the ring a mere four months later.

There was a small group of online fans who speculated if Reigns’ diagnosis was a ‘work’ and he was taken away from programming to freshen up his character. Roman Reigns spoke to the Leukemia Care recently and talked about his diagnosis and fans’ reaction to it.

“I think there is ignorance of leukemia. The word alone is intimidating. ‘Leukemia’ it sounds like a cancer word. It sounds like it could take your life. What people haven’t realized is the different phases. That’s the whole thing about me and this huge WWE platform, that’s why I want people to know. I want people to understand that it’s not what people see in the movies. We’re in a different place now; we are making advancements, there are things we are doing to help people and save lives – we just don’t always concentrate on those things.”

Reigns spoke about people being unaware of the recent advancements, which helped him make such a swift recovery from his disease. Reigns felt that media always focuses on news stories that are ‘controversial’, rather than focusing on the good things.

“In the media, what we like to talk about is very controversial, that’s what we want to discuss. We don’t want to discuss the good moments or ‘the wins’. With my story and the help of my medication, and the medical breakthroughs that we have, I think it’s very important to understand that. We are winning some of these battles. There are very specific reasons why I am maintaining the look and the health that I have, and it’s important that people know that.”

Roman Reigns is one of the strongest men in the company, not just physically, but mentally as well. The Big Dog will continue to spear his enemies for the foreseeable future.