Roman Reigns Begins His Treatment For Leukemia

roman reigns
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Roman Reigns made the emotional announcement on October 22nd that he would be forced to relinquish the Universal Championship and walk away from the WWE for an undetermined amount of time because he was struggling with Leukemia.

The Big Dog stated that he was first diagnosed with the illness eleven years ago and over the past few years he has been able to manage it, but now it’s returned.

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Reigns was then removed from his match at Crown Jewel and Brock Lesnar managed to win back his Universal Championship instead, but according to The Wrestling Observer, Reigns has only recently started his treatment to fight the disease.

Despite fans hoping that he could be a shock entrant in the Royal Rumble or part of WrestleMania 35, it appears that any return to the ring for Reigns is a long way off right now.

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The former Champion is fighting the toughest opponent he has ever faced and is well aware that this could be a lengthy journey that may see him away from the ring for years more than months but now he’s officially on the road to recovery.

The WWE stars that he has left behind have continued to pay tribute to him over the past few weeks with the women of WWE showing off their love for Reigns at Evolution and every other superstar sharing cute stories about their time in the company with their favorite locker room leader.

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Reigns will be welcomed back to the WWE with open arms when he is finally able to return to the wrestling business, but for now, he needs some time to relax, focus on his family and his fight against Leukemia before he can think about lacing up his wrestling boots again.