Roman Reigns’ Cousin Lance Anoa’i Hopes to Join WWE Full-Time

Former MLW Superstar Lance Anoa’i recently sat down with Andrew Thompson of Post Wrestling and talked about his goal of joining WWE in the future.

Lance, who is also the cousin of current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, made several cameos for the company in the past. He also fought a match against Shane McMahon on Monday Night Raw, which he lost by submission and was part of a post-beatdown until Reigns saved the day.

The Anoa’i family member also revealed that while there were talks about WWE bringing him back for a tag team match with Roman Reigns against Shane McMahon vs Drew McIntyre, these things didn’t come to fruition.

Around that time, MLW also wanted to have him under an exclusive contract but Lance didn’t take the offer in hopes of working a couple more times for WWE. He also says that joining WWE will be the ultimate goal for him.

“At the time, it was per-show. I was on vacation and this was the time they were running in Orlando in 2018. I was on vacation and then they hit me up, ‘Hey, you got anything going on?’ And they invited me down and that’s the show I wrestled MJF and man, they liked everything I had and kept inviting me because at the time, back in the day, my dad was basically one of the bookers for MLW so him and Court Bauer who’s the owner, they’re real good friends and Court man, he put a big donation in for my dad’s whole fundraiser and tons of respect for him and I help him with whatever he needs help with, I’m there for him. But yeah, he’s always had my back but the talks were for me to join full-time, but I did put it on hold.”

“I didn’t know what exactly was gonna happen with me and WWE, and they [MLW] offered me a little too many years. I wasn’t ready to commit to [it] at the time. But if it comes around, maybe one day, you’ll see me there full-time. But for the moment, I’m just gonna keep grinding and WWE’s always my goal.”

“For sure, it was difficult [to be in that spot]. It was difficult because like you said, I did that spot and after that, they were talking about bringing me back in for a tag match possibly against Shane [McMahon] and Drew [McIntyre] but I didn’t wanna lock myself in and lose all that opportunity so, that was one big one I just held on but like I told Court, I’m ready. Man, if you’re supposed to keep bringing me in, I’m cool with that also.”