Roman Reigns Credits Late WWE Superstar Umaga For His Tattoos

Image via WWE

Roman Reigns is part of an iconic Samoan dynasty in professional wrestling, which also includes the likes of Rock, Usos, Rikishi to name a few. Late WWE superstar Umaga was also a part of this dynasty, and performed in the company for a few years before tragically passing away in 2009.

The Big Dog spoke to the Inked Magazine this week, and talked about the origin of his tattoos. Reigns has got inked quite a few times, but those aren’t really shown on WWE TV much due to this in-ring gear.

Reigns credited his cousin Umaga as the reason for his tattoos and said that he was the ‘fuel’ behind everyone, including the Usos, getting tattooed.

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“It all revolves around our cousin Eki – Umaga. At the time, he was a big WWE Superstar and he passed away way too early, but he was the one that was the fuel behind us getting tatted up. “

Reigns went on to add that Umaga had a tattoo artist in Florida, and that’s where Reigns went for his inking. Reigns said that he received various discounts through this artist. Reigns said that Umaga wanted to get several tattoos which represented their Samoan culture and heritage.

“He had this lady back in Pensacola that was kind of hooking him up, giving him a little bit of a discount here and there, and he was getting a lot of work done at the time. He was just showing her different prints and trying to give her the heads-up of our culture, and the customs, and the patterns, and the sequences that kind of fit and how they mold together.”

Roman Reigns is one of the finest individuals backstage, and it doesn’t come as a surprise to see him show gratitude for his late cousin. Reigns recently starred in Hobbs and Shaw with his cousin The Rock, and showed off his amazing physique and tattoos in the movie.