Roman Reigns Explains His Absence and Return Schedule For WWE TV

Roman Reigns decided against taking the risk and wrestling during the COVID-19 pandemic. He hasn’t been mentioned on WWE television since, but The Big Dog can’t wait to get back to work.

The Big Dog Roman Reigns is the #1 Babyface in WWE, but he has stayed away from WWE programming ever since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, forcing people indoors and leading to a complete lockdown all over the world.

Reigns was scheduled to face Goldberg for the Universal Title at WrestleMania 36, but those plans were changed at the last minute, with Braun Strowman taking his place in the match that took place on Night One.

The common belief was that Reigns is staying away from the tapings due to his weak immune system, due to his leukemia diagnosis in late 2018. Reigns recovered from the illness and returned to action in early 2019, and WM 36 was meant to be his big moment.

However, Reigns recently revealed the real reason behind is absence, and said that his immune system is completely fine. In an interview with TMZ, Reigns revealed that he stayed at home for his newly born twin boys.

“We just had twin boys, they’re eight weeks old, so I did it for them.”

Reigns revealed that he is itching to be back on the shows and entertain the fans, but he has no clue when it would be possible to step back inside the Squared Circle. Reigns was said to have received ‘heat’ for staying away, as WWE has edited him out of a few videos over the past few weeks.

“Really, to be honest, I don’t know. We’re just going day by day. Taking this thing how it comes. These are weird times. These are brand new times for us. This is a new normal and we’re just trying to collect the most information and make the most educated choice possible. Gotta protect my family and myself. I want to get back out there for the fans — it’s tough to be a performer who’s not performing.”

Reigns is WWE’s pet project and having him away is definitely not the best scenario. Both the parties are definitely looking for a date when he can return to the ring, as the shows need the Big Dog.