Roman Reigns Gives Props To Buddy Murphy, Warns Daniel Bryan and Rowan

Image via WWE

Roman Reigns defeated Buddy Murphy in one of the best TV matches in WWE in recent times. Both the superstars performed at the highest level in the match, which was definitely a PPV caliber encounter.

Reigns had accepted Murphy’s challenge for a Singles Matchup on SmackDown Live, and went on to defeat the former Cruiserweight Champion, but only by the finest of margins.

After the episode, Reigns tweeted praise for the new kid on the block. Murphy is one of the best wrestlers in company, highlighted by his performances on 205 Live and NXT. Reigns said that he may have emerged victorious over Murphy this week, but there are many more matchups between the two which will take place in the future.

Big words from the Big Dog himself is a great sign for Murphy, who’s main roster career has started off in a rocky fashion. He went for close to four months without any appearance on SmackDown Live, and finally got a proper spot on the main roster.

Along with Murphy, Reigns gave firm warnings to Daniel Bryan and Eric Rowan. The duo promised to reveal the name of the individual who attempted to destroy Reigns’ career twice in a span of a week. According to several reports, Daniel Bryan himself is behind those attacks, and it remains to be seen how WWE advances the storyline with these superstars.

Reigns has been trying to figure out his mystery attacker, and closed down on Rowan after Murphy revealed Rowan to be in the vicinity during Reigns’ attack. However, a vicious beat down from Rowan and Bryan forced Murphy to change his statement this week on SDL.

Bryan and Rowan promised to end the mystery next week, after conducting investigations of their own in the past week. There are rumors of Luke Harper returning to join Daniel Bryan and Eric Rowan, leading to a battle of factions, with Reigns calling up his cousins The Usos.